Community Garden March Update

Autumn is here and the heat surely hasn’t left but we are almost on the home stretch.

Hannah Maljcov has taken over the Plot Holders Rep role from Philippe, a long standing member of the Community Garden and the person behind organisation of plot holders for the past three years. Thanks Phillipe!

Just a reminder the Garden is a volunteer-run-initiative so sometimes things can be slow, but it’s so empowering to know we can run such an amazing garden with the power of freely giving people.  We would also like to thank Anna Madabushi for all the work she did last year in communications with the community. Sadly she has left the committee but is still very active in the garden. If you see her feel free to thank her for her commitment.

Jodi Lennox has also left the committee and moved interstate to study. She was the chair of ALEC and ALEC's representative on the Garden committee – thank you Jodi for all your work.

We welcome our new ALEC rep, Alex Read – ALEC Policy Officer and avid Food For Alice ambassador.

Alongside Alex, we also welcome Alice Goddard, Adele Millard and Bronwyn and Mark Field to the committee - all plot holders at the Garden.

This year we have welcomed new plot holders to plots 1, 11, 19, 24, 26, 27, 31 and 45 so please if you see new people in the garden, don’t be afraid to introduce yourself and share whatever hot gardening tips you may have.

Just a reminder to all plot holders that leases are 6 months and 12 months and it really important that you if you decide to renew your lease your payments are on time, 100% of your payments all contribute to the water bill and it’s really crucial that the garden is able to pay these large bills.

The Garden’s new building is coming along nicely with water, sewerage, gas, electricity and nbn lines almost all connected up. The trenching should be filled in next week prior to the Fun Run EVENT ON Sunday 24th March. We hope to open the building around May. We will keep you posted and make sure we have a grand opening.

We have finally got all our compost bays full again, thank you to all the hardworking volunteers over the last month that have assisted with that process. For anyone that’s ever turned compost you will understand how heavy it can be, and for those that have never turned compost before no better time to come try it out than at one of our working bees!

Now that we have a full bay of  compost ready in the last bay on the left hiding under the carpet, it’s time to get utilising it. Planting season is upon us and no better time to get together and plan out what is going to be in your plot this Autumn. Bruce says the main thing is to choose  plants that appreciate cold mornings and to avoid plants that can’t tolerate frosts.

Bruce suggests planting what you like best out of the brassicas (cabbage, broccoli, broccolini, cauliflowers, brussel sprouts, kohlrabi, bok choi, Chinese cabbage etc), the onion family (spring onions, leeks, garlic, red and white bulbing onions, chives) , root veggies (carrots - sometimes not a success, turnips, parsnip, radishes, beetroot, asparagus), leafy greens (silver beet, spinach, chard, kale, rocket, celery), herbs (coriander, mint, oregano, marjoram,  rosemary, Italian & English parsley etc) and all the open leafed lettuces. Leave iceberg lettuces for another month or so. Winter flowers include calendula, poppies, sweet peas, violets, alyssum. Pea seeds (snow, green and sugar snap)  and broad bean seeds should go in mid to late April.

Ask at the nurseries or chat with fellow gardeners about what you’d like to grow. Share seedlings and try your hand at planting seeds. Remember that while the hot weather hangs around, young seedlings prefer shade and need at least daily watering. Good management breeds good luck!

This is an important reminder that we all live in an Arid Zone where water is a precious resource, because of this it is important that you don’t hand water your garden or other beds within the community garden unless necessary. We had a massive water bill over summer and now need to fundraise to pay it!

A reminder and invitation to join us for a working bee any Sunday 8am – 11am.

We are also holding a working bee on the third Thursday evening of the month at 5pm, commencing next week on the 21st March.

Our Last Friday Night of the Month social evening will be held on the 29th. It’s all go and grow!

Questions, ideas, thoughts, opinions, suggestions, feedback and creativity is always welcome!

Warm Regards and Happy Gardening!