The Garden is managed by a volunteer committee made up of annually elected members.

Committee members as at 29th of November 2019 are:

  • Convenor: Bruce Simmons
  • Deputy Convenor: Kim Mackay
  • Treasurer: Wendy Mann
  • Secretary: Vacant (Wendy covering)
  • General members: Toby Speare, Alex Read, Alice Goddard, Bronwyn Field, Simon Hopper

Committee meetings are usually held on the first Tuesday of the month and will be advertised by newsletters and social media.  All Friends of the Garden are welcome to attend. The AGM is generally held in early December.

The Garden depends on its PODs which are informal groups that focus on specific areas and tasks within the garden.

The PODs, and their key members are:

  • Plot Holder POD: Emily Bird
  • Maintenance and Infrastructure POD: Allan O’Keefe
  • Communications/Media POD: Adele Millard / Emily Bird
  • Fundraising and Events POD: John Bermingham
  • Healthy Gardens POD: Bruce Simmons

New POD members are always welcome and needed. Please email [email protected]

Please find the draft minutes for the 2018-19 AGM here.

Read the 2018-19 Annual Report.